Experiences from an IREDES prototyping project – Production drilling with Atlas Copco Simba L6C drill rig at LKAB Kiruna mine

CIM Montreal 2003
Ulf Olsson,
Abstract By
Mikael Ramström, Atlas Copco, chairman of IREDES SIG drill rigs
Ulf Olsson, LKAB, member of IREDES SIG drill rigs

The IREDES Special Interest Group (SIG) for Drill rigs has been active since IREDES was started at MineExpo 2000, in Las Vegas USA. The SIG for drill rigs is responsible for the development of the IREDES Drill rig profile. This includes the exchange of production planning, performance and quality reporting data between any kind of drill rig and the production databases used by the mine. During year 2001 a first draft of the drill rigs profile was jointly prepared by drill rig suppliers, mining companies and third party suppliers and reviewed in several SIG meetings. In mid 2002 the profile was released for prototyping projects and since then feed back from these projects has been used as input to the first official IREDES release.

LKAB and Atlas Copco decided in 2002 to start an IREDES prototyping project using the Simba L6C production drill rig as target equipment. The goal of the prototyping project was to implement the IREDES prototyping version into the Simba rig control system and into the LKAB production planning system to verify the drill rig profile and to identify possible problems prior to the official release. The Simba rig control system was designed to handle drill plan and logging information coming from the mine planning system and in parallel the mine production system was adapted for drill plan export and logging data import on IREDES format.

This paper presents the most recent results of this prototyping project. In late 2002 result so far show that the basic architecture of the drill rig profile works and that a common language for data exchange, IREDES, is a central issue for future mine automation.

As a result from this and other IREDES prototyping projects the official IREDES release will be available in year 2003. Soon after the release IREDES compliant products can be expected, including drill rigs and mine production planning systems.
Keywords: IREDES, Computer, Database, Data exchange, production analysis, Mine planning, Mining, common protocol
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