Modification of Gold Electrodes with Gold Nanoparticles

Gold 2003
Renato Seeber, Stefano Nannarone, Fabio Terzi, Sergio Daolio, Luca Pasquali,
Abstract The CO electrocatalytic oxidation has broad technological and fundamental importance, including the purification of air in gas products and in long-duration space travel, conversion in automobile exhaust systems and fuel-cell technology.In this study some preliminary results about the electrocatalytic oxidation of CO using gold encapsuled nanoparticles grafted on Au(111) substrate are presented. The investigation has been planned in four steps:
1.synthesis of nanoparticles
2.production of Au(111) substrate modified by self assembled monolayers (SAM)
3.grafting of nanoparticles on Au substrate by means of SAM's
4.investigation of CO electroxidation on modified electrodes

Keywords: nanoparticles, surface characterization, CO oxidation, electrochemical methods
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