A Unique Gold Casting Alloy for Dental Applications.

Gold 2003
Abstract This paper will discuss the science behind the development of a unique gold alloy for dental prosthetic applications. The alloy (GOLDTECH BIO2000) contains 99.7% gold providing unquestioned biocompatibility and unsurpassed esthetics. The topics discussed are: (1) How the alloy meets the functional requirements of a porcelain-fused-to-metal dental alloy. (2) How the alloy color affects the esthetics of the restoration and why the color of gold is best. (3) Overcoming the intrinsic malleability of gold when grinding the alloy surface. (4) Preventing the oxide color from interfering with the alloy esthetics. (5) Attaining excellent porcelain adhesion. (6) How the design of the restoration allows for the production of single and multiple unit restorations.
Keywords: dental, Casting, Gold
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