Mining Information – The Venetia Experience

CIM Vancouver 2002
Stephen Cheeseman, Rob Hummel,
Abstract The quantity of data available and the rate at which we access such data are rapidly increasing. Electronic data capture systems, fleet management systems and a host of other technological advancements have created a constant stream of real-time, tactical data. However, are we taking advantage of this data? Are we converting data into useful information to aid in efficient decision-making?

Mining operations are struggling with “information overload”, finding it difficult to extract the benefits from vast stores of data. Without the necessary tools to facilitate a data filtering and information reporting process, most operations revert to old practises such as re-entering data into multiple spreadsheet reports. As a result, the ability to make effective use of data still eludes many mining operations.

Some operations have taken audacious steps to rectify this situation. The De Beers Venetia mine in South Africa has implemented an integrated mining information technology solution that transforms their data into practical, usable information allowing staff and management to make decisions that improve efficiencies and reduce costs. In the absence of quantitative justification or ROI, De Beers took a risk in implementing change. Today, they are realising the benefits.

This paper will unearth the information technology issues that surfaced during the Venetia implementation, then identify the benefits De Beers has obtained from deploying an integrated mining information technology solution at the Venetia mine.
Keywords: Information technology, GEMS, Collaboration, Venetia, De Beers, Integration, IT Solutions, IRAMS, Risk management
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