Mining - Everybody Needs Us - Nobody Wants Us: Building Your Community Relationships for Survival

CIM Vancouver 2002
Abstract "Everything we consume or use either contains mined substances or has been manufactured or handled by the product of a mines substance."
Any standard of living higher than the club and cave require the products of mining. The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age all gained their names as a result of the impact mined minerals had on civilization of the time. Our reliance on mining is higher today than ever before. So...with this great message, why are we having so much trouble.
This presentation will deal with one aspect of delivering the mining message - community relationships. Experience gained through the operation of mining and production operations in the Seattle area and in British Columbia will form the basis for the presentation. Practical solutions to community relations will be presented as part of a suggested community relations program.
Keywords: Industrial minerals, Cement, community
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