Influence of Environmental Regulations on the Design of Barrick Goldstrike's Roaster Off-Gas Cleaning Circuit

CIM Vancouver 2002
Frank Porretta,
Abstract In 2000, Barrick began production of gold from Goldstrike’s reserves of refractory carbonaceous ore using a process based on dry grinding followed by oxygen roasting. The roasting process produces a gas stream that contains heavy particulate loadings, strong SO2, CO, NOx and significant quantities of mercury. An elaborate roaster gas cleaning system was installed as part of the project. The design of the system was driven by two key factors:

· Construction could not commence until environmental permits were received. In accord with Barrick Gold Corporation Environmental Policy a gas cleaning system was engineered to achieve very high collection efficiencies for particulate, SO2, mercury, CO and NOx. These design criteria also lead to an expedited permitting timeframe.

· It was essential that the gas system perform reliably. A shutdown of the Roaster gas system could result in shutdown of the entire facility.

This paper describes the approach to design of the gas system, measures included to achieve the stringent performance and reliability requirements of the system along with actual performance of the system.
Keywords: Gas cleaning, Carbonaceous Ore, Environmental Permiting, Dry Grinding, Roasting
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