High Precision Shovel GPS

CIM Vancouver 2002
Abstract Abstract

High Precision Shovel GPS

The High Precision Shovel GPS currently in use at Syncrude’s Aurora mine site is a sophisticated system capable of determining accurate shovel position data and relaying critical data to and from the Syncrude computer network.

It has the ability to display a shovel’s real time location and elevation. High Precision Shovel GPS has a multitude of applications, including aiding a shovel in following geological contacts and excavating ramps to proper safety standards.

High Precision GPS has been implemented on all Syncrude Aurora shovels with great successes. The operating system reliability is high, and data quality is excellent. Its advantages have reached from increased ore grade control to improved haul road safety, as well as decreasing the workload of the survey department.

Downstream applications of High Precision Shovel GPS include shovel position data flow to the truck dispatch system, and to the Quality Production Data (QPD) system. This allows monitoring and tracking of ore feed and recoveries in order to determine optimized feed blends.
Keywords: Shovel GPS, Syncrude Aurora
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