Emprical Design of Stopes for the Lower Rodeo Orebody

CIM Vancouver 2002
Abstract The selected mining method ro the Rodeo lower Zone is slot and slash. Initial design indicated that the stope height should be limited to a maximum of 18 m, thus six levels were needed to extract the ore. Higher stope height in the Rodeo Lower Zone means less development thus less capital required to extract the available reserves. It was proposed to eliminated one level by establishing 30 m and 24 m level intervals. To ensure that no stability problems will be encountered by eliminating one level, a Matthew analysis, based on diamond drill core information, was performed for the Lower Rodeo Ore Body. In addition, comparisons between the rock mass quality of Meikle Main Zone below 1825 L and Meikle East Zone between 1600 L and 1750 L with the rock mass quality of the Lower Rodeo were made.
Keywords: Level Interval, Capital, Stability, Design, Diamond Drill Core, Development
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