Emergency Egress/Ventilation Raise - Directional Raise Boring and Remote Shotcrete Application

CIM Vancouver 2002
Eric S Schraml, Claude Schimper,
Abstract Wardrop Engineering and the Placer Dome’s Campbell Mine Design Team utilized leading edge directional raise boring techniques and an innovative, remote controlled application of steel fibre reinforced shotcrete ground support to achieve improved mine ventilation and a superior, safety focused secondary emergency egress.

While more standardized methods may have provided a sufficient solution to either the requirement for a ventilation raise or for a traditional escape ladder way, innovative methodology ensured both objectives were met with a single, enhanced solution. Placer Dome committed to provide a solution that minimized energy consumption, optimized air delivery and facilitated an escape way focused on minimizing the negative physiological aspects associated with mine evacuation.

The project was successful in providing a new airway, returning 47 m3/s (100,000 cfm) from the 39 Level to 30 Level, minimizing risk to the raise equipping crew and providing a fully equipped escape hoist. The resulting secure escape environment provided an efficient means of evacuating personnel working at depth without necessitating a potentially dangerous exhausting climb to surface. The project has substantiated, that optimized safety focused design can be achieved without jeopardizing project economics.

Hoist Parameters:
Hepburn Single Drum Hoist 0.96 x 0.96 m;
Hoisting Distance 415 m;
Rope 19 x 7 Steel;
Rope Diameter 16 mm;
Rope Unit Mass 1.05 kg / m;
Rope Breaking Strength 17,200 kg;
Drum:Rope Ratio 60:1;
Acceleration 0.2 m/s/s;
Max Speed 1.5 m/s; and
Max Persons in Cage 6.

Raise Parameters:
Steel Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete, 75 mm thick; and
Verticality deviation 0.46 m in 415 m.

Ventilation Parameters:
Upcast 47 m3/s.

The techniques utilized and their key benefits will be outlined in detail by Claude Schimper of Placer Dome and Eric Schraml of Wardrop Engineering.

Keywords: Hoisting, Bore, Shotcrete, Engineering, Ventilation, Raise, Ground support
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