Development of a Magnetically-Levitated Skip to Hoist Ore

CIM Vancouver 2002
Ryan Ulansky,
Abstract This paper presents the concept of a magnetically-levitated skip for use in an underground mine. While a conventional skip is raised and lowered by a cable, this is replaced with a linear induction or synchronous motor to provide propulsion and levitation of the skip. The removal of cables in a hoisting system provides many advantages including the ability: to negotiate corners, to travel vertically in the shaft as well as horizontally to the mining face, and to move a very large volume of material using multiple skips in a small shaft. A magnetically-levitated skip is a safer, more environmentally-friendly, productive altenative to conventional skipping. It has the further advantage of decreasing haulage distances for underground vehicles. A prototype unit is being constructed at the CERM3 Research Labatory. A discussion of the concept, design and testwork will be described.
Keywords: levitated, hoistin, Induction, prototype, Research, magnetically, skip, CERM3, Cables, Underground
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