A Unique Partnership - The Red Dog Mine

CIM Vancouver 2002
Helvi Sandvik,
Abstract The largest zinc mine in the world; Red Dog is the culmination of a visionary and fuitful alliance between native Alaskans, a world-class mining company and various levels of government. A joint venture between the Northwest Alaska Native Association (NANA)and Teck Cominco, Red Dog shows by example how mining can be compatible with indigenous peoples' values and the principle of sustainable development. It also shows unequivocally how modern industry can successfully develop and integrate a local work force; one in which indigenous people may pursue their traditional lifestyle while enjoying the benefits of gainful employment and up-to-date vocational training. This paper discusses the story of Red Dog which confirms that mutal respect, shared values and a common goal can unite people of diverse backgrounds and cultures, and inspire them to significant, wide-ranging and mutually beneficial achievement.
Keywords: Mine Employment, Teck Cominco, Zinc mine, Indigenous Partnerships, Native Issues, Red Dog Mine, NANA Corporation
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