The Introduction of Lightweight Truck Boxes to Highland Valley Copper

CIM Vancouver 2002
Abstract Highland Valley Copper is Canada’s largest open pit copper mine. Over 200,000 tonnes of excavated material is hauled daily using a fleet of trucks including twelve Caterpillar 793C units. These trucks were acquired used, however, the tare weights of the trucks that were available for purchase were too heavy to achieve the target payload within the trucks’ gross vehicle weight rating. Therefore, it was necessary to determine a cost-effective way to reduce the tare weight of the trucks in order to allow a payload increase.

Various options were identified, including box replacement using lightweight boxes available from numerous manufacturers. Assessment focussed on a particular product and led to modeling of truck operating weights, conducting site visits at mines employing the box type, and the preparation of custom design criteria to suit Highland Valley Copper’s specific operating conditions.

The purchase of the first box was justified and ordered with delivery taken in September of 2001. With liner package and accessories, the box facilitated a significant increase in payload. The introduction of this product has proved to be successful in terms of meeting payload, operating, and maintenance performance standards.
Keywords: Haulage trucks, Productivity, Open pit mining, truck boxes, copper mine, Mine operations, GVW
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