An Internet Model for Continuing Education in Mining

CIM Vancouver 2002
Abstract The mining community is geographically remote and widely dispersed. There is a growing requirement for formalized professional development of members by professional associations, and increasing recognition of the advantages of continuing education and training by both individuals and corporations. Working against these trends are the increasing expense and time commitments required for attendance at conventional courses and workshops. The result is a perceived need for a readily accessible source of continuing education and technical reference on the Internet. The design constraints for an Internet model include:
- browser compatibility, with any time, any place, any pace accessibility;
- a content presentation model with low bandwidth requirements, appropriate interactivity for examples, tools and reviews, and viewer performance monitoring capabilities;
- formal accreditation of content, presentation and process so that viewer achievements may be formalized in terms of widely recognized Continuing Education Units;
- availability of tools for conversion of source material to the presentation format with minimal effort.
A model that meets the design constraints is presented and illustrated by examples from an existing Internet site for continuing education in mining.
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