The Development of an Integrated IT System at Albian Sands Energy

CIM Vancouver 2002
Louise Michaud,
Abstract Albian Sands Energy is scheduled to begin production at its oilsands operations in 2002. Start-up includes the selection and implementation of over 90 systems; including engineering applications, systems required to control mining activities, maintenance, the processing plant and utilities, and also systems required to run the company, such as human resources, finances and inventory/warehousing.

The first step in Albian’s approach to identifying system requirements is the development of a Business Activity Model, outlining all tasks involved in running the operations. The computer applications required to accomplish each task are then identified by having the IT team work closely with each technical and business group. Historically, at some companies, the selection of systems has been lead by the IT team or by consultants, with little input from the technical or business groups. Typically, this results in products that don’t meet the company’s expectations. To ensure a more positive outcome, Albian believes that it is imperative that the company’s technical and business groups are closely involved in the selection process.

Integration of the IT systems is also key, including linking all applications through a Data Warehouse and EDMS. This ensures the storage of all data in only one location, data security, and easy retrieval for all requirements throughout the company.
Keywords: Information technology, IT, Systems, Albian, Computer applications, Oilsands
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