Standardization of data format as basis for future efficient mine production

CIM Vancouver 2002
Abstract Today, automated mining equipment is connected to central computer system using individually developed interfaces. Thus, the information flow within the production chain (horizontal integration) and between production and operative and executive computer systems is very limited.
The use of advanced mine modelling and production simulation tools is also limited by the capability of real time information exchange with production.
The "International Rock Excavation Data Exchange Standard" (IREDES) initiated by major mining companies and leading equipment suppliers is providing an universal interface between mining equipment and central computer systems. These formats are being used to forward information in the working chain e.g. from a drill rig to an explosives charger. The vertical integration will become easy by transferring the standardized data to mine simulation and modeling tools enabling to adjust production in real time to the environment's and market's needs.
Keywords: IREDES, Standardization, Remote control, Teleoperation, Mine Modeling, Automation, Autonomous Equipment, Simulation, Data Formats, Mining equipment
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