Sharing the Earth’s Resources - Corporate Management and Governance in Transition

CIM Vancouver 2002
Susan Joyce,
Abstract A sustainable future for mining will not be accomplished by tinkering. Sharing the earth’s resources and equitably distributing the benefits of mining requires a transformation of corporate management systems to embed sustainability values and approaches. Sustainability values change how corporations define assets, approach risk management, make decisions, and measure performance. The definition of assets expands to embrace environmental, social, and intellectual capital, with importance placed on relationships, community benefits, and consent to operate. Multi-party decision processes, environmental management systems, and planning for post-mining community transitions become standard elements of management, and performance management systems shift to a triple-bottom-line context. Everyone's job is affected, from the boardroom, to management, marketing, and minesite operations. This paper explores these and other examples of how sustainability will impact corporate management and governance in mining, from mineral exploration and mine design stages through mine construction, operation, and closure. Suggestions are provided for managing the transition to sustainability, and an outline provided of a framework approach to sustainability governance with auditable sustainability governance deliverables.
Keywords: governance, transitions, organizational culture, Sustainability, Management systems
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