Technology Selection for the Genesee Phase 3 Electricity Generating Station Expansion

CIM Vancouver 2002
Les M Johnston, David Whitten,
Abstract In December 2000 EPCOR Utilities announced its proposal to add a third coal-fired unit to its 720 MW (net) Genesee Generating Station west of Edmonton. This was the first new coal-fired generating unit proposal in Canada for many years and it faced the challenges of a recently deregulated electricity market in Alberta and heightened environmental concerns. In September 2001 the regulatory applications and environmental impact assessment were the subject of an Alberta Energy and Utilities Board public hearing and a decision is expected shortly.

The technology proposed for the new 450 MW (net) unit consists of a pulverized coal supercritical boiler, low NOx burners, a dry flue gas desulphurization system and a fabric filter baghouse. Low sulphur subbituminous coal will be supplied from the adjacent strip mine. Air emissions will be substantially lower than from the existing units. This paper will discuss the technology selected by EPCOR and will reflect on the various stakeholder views that made this a controversial issue.
Keywords: Coal combustion technology, Environmental emissions
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