Remote Real-Time Tire Monitoring in Open Pit Mines

CIM Vancouver 2002
Kim N. Barrowman,
Abstract Tire costs represent one of the highest controllable costs in open-pit mining, accounting for approximately 10% of mining costs. Tire monitoring technology has evolved rapidly in recent years and is emerging as a viable tool for extending tire life and reducing costs. The majority of the major tire manufacturers and several independent companies are in various stages of developing monitoring systems that capture and store vital tire data. Previously this information had only been accessible when the vehicle passed a fixed point in the mine, or when mine personnel manually downloaded the data. Integrating this technology with a mine management system enables remote collection and management of trend and alarm data. Mine personnel can now monitor a tire’s health parameters at any time, anywhere on site, regardless of the vehicle’s location. Anomalous tire conditions can be detected early and corrective actions taken. This information can then be integrated with other major onboard systems, operating conditions and geographical information. Tire monitoring no longer exists as a stand-alone technology, but has evolved into an important tool for mine operators. This paper will review the current status and benefits of integrating this emerging technology with a real-time mine management system.
Keywords: Mine management system, Remote, Maintenance, vital signs, Mining costs, Health, tire monitoring, pro-active, Real-time, Open pit mining
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