Sustainable Standards for the Mining & Metallurgical Industry of the 21st Century

CIM Vancouver 2002
Abstract Over the course of the 20th Century the mining and metallurgical industry moved from a small scale often entrepreneurial business to a massive highly mechanised main stream piston of the economy. This paper will present one Company’s approach to try and address the future needs of the business. The aim is to ensure credibility with all communities of interest for new projects. Several major projects have lives that may last late into the 21st century and thus require views in their design that account for changes in social, environmental, and economic attitudes. The need for transparency, openness and early engagement of all parties are fundamental to the approach. An equally important and difficult task is to anticipate standards that will be required 20 to 25 years out to meet these expectations. A brief historical perspective of one site will be presented, followed by examples of the approach taken in the attempt to establish standards for new projects that will meet society’s future aspirations and withstand the test of time.
Keywords: Sustainable, Design, transparency, communities, openness, Standards, credibility
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