Noranda Inc. Brunswick Mine - A Decade of Advances

CIM Vancouver 2002
Abstract The Brunswick Mine began production in 1964 from the No. 12 orebody, with an expansion in 1967 to accommodate ore from the No. 6 open pit located several kilometers away. In 1980, the pit was exhausted and the concentrator rationalized to accept a design rate of 10,500 tonnes per day. Significant flow sheet changes were undertaken in the early 1980’s to simplify the circuits. In the early 1990’s, a “back to basics” approach was undertaken to address fundamental metallurgical operating knowledge of the concentrator. Concurrently, maintenance reliability, productivity and operating costs were aggressively addressed in both the concentrator and underground. Significant improvements were made to the operation metrics by the late 1990’s in all areas, with little capital expenditure.

In recent years, the thrust to continue capturing gains has led to implementation of paste backfill, replacement of surface crushing, rod and primary ball milling by a SAG mill, and implementation of a pre-float combined with increased water addition and rationalization of parallel flotation circuits into a single processing line. Continued opportunities will be exploited throughout the operation with increased instrumentation and process control, application of Six Sigma methodologies.
Keywords: Brunswick Mine, Pastefill, Rationalization, Concentrator, SAG mill, Back to basics, Six Sigma
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