Navigation and Guidance of Industrial Articulated Vehicles

CIM Vancouver 2002
Romano M. Deantis,
Abstract Design and validation of an integrated navigation and guidance system for articulated ground vehicles is investigated. The development of an autonomous industrial vehicle must take into the account the specific geometry of these vehicles; they can be of articulated type like LHD or composed of a tractor with 1 or 2 trailers. Moreover these tractor-trailers vehicles can have on-axle hitch configuration or positive/negative off axle configuration. The path planning and the path tracking of these industrial vehicles in restricted space is presented and discussed in this paper. Recent results, obtained in simulation as well as validated by experimentations are presented. These studies can lead to better ways of manoeuvring a vehicle in a restricted space or automatically executing of docking or parking manoeuvres

Keywords: Automation, Guidance, Navigation, autonomous vehicle
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