Mobile Software Systems and the Mine Workforce

CIM Vancouver 2002
Abstract This paper examines how the daily work of employees at operating mines has been affected by the introduction of the personal computer 20+ years ago. It focuses in on the countless paper forms that have become common place at every mining company, why they exist, and what significant problems they pose. While most people have accepted them as a “necessary evil” in the modern workplace, the paper explains why they are absolutely not necessary. It illustrates how workflow processes can be significantly streamlined through the introduction of wireless mobile handheld computers running well targeted software. A comprehensive review of the different categories of mobile software is presented. It shows why substantially different levels of automation can be achieved depending upon the sophistication of the software deployed. The paper then outlines the wide array of mobile computer hardware and communication options that are available today. Finally, the key factors necessary for a successful mobile technology implementation are examined.
Keywords: mobile, wireless, workflow, Productivity, streamline, Computer, software
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