CIM Vancouver 2002
Didier W. Fohlen, Barbara A. Filas,
Abstract All projects financed by the World Bank Group (WBG) must comply with its environmental and social policies and guidelines. Most mining project investments are made through the International Finance Corporation, which is the private investment branch of the WBG. The process involves the preparation of a detailed environmental and social impact assessment and the implementation of an environmental and social action plan that defines the actions to be accomplished to demonstrate conformance with the findings of the impact assessment. This paper provides an overview of the environmental and social policies and guidelines that apply to mining project in general, and examines how they are applied to specific projects in developing countries. It highlights how the WBG emphasis has shifted to demanding a more effective balance between conventional environmental protection and social program sustainability and role that the Global Mining Group plays in effecting this balance for all mining investments.
Keywords: Sustainability, Social Programs, Environmental Programs, World Bank Group
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