A New Data Engine allows Surpac Mining Software to become one Central Communication Tool for Numerous Data Formats

CIM Vancouver 2002
Abstract Mining and IT managers have long agreed that data integration between software applications is one technical bottleneck that still requires serious improvement. Standardizing data formats seemed an obvious solution in the past but has achieved limited success. Instead, Surpac R&D introduces a novel approach called data transparency. With the project 95% complete, it is an interesting time to reveal the specifics. A modern, flexible abstract data model allows Surpac connectivity to various mining software packages, GIS and CAD data.

By becoming a central data interpreter, Surpac expects to profoundly improve communication throughout the continuum of technical specialists and project managers. There are two core components to the transition from an integrated mining software tool to a broader 3D communications tool, useful and accessible to far more key personnel. The first component is the ability to recognize and read data from a wide range of formats without the need to duplicate or convert the files. The second component is the ability to share the entire application across a network or even the Internet. Termed NetVision, Surpac allows users to connect to each other through a web browser. Modern Java platforms offer significant advantages to corporations with a plethora of data formats and remote site locations.
Keywords: software, Data, Integration, Mining, Java, Surpac, Mine design, Systems, Network, Internet
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