Advances in the Use of Thin, Spray-on Liner Systems

CIM Vancouver 2002
Abstract In historic mining practice, typical thin liner
support systems have been considered to
comprise non-reinforced or mesh-reinforced
shocrete linings. In the early 1990’s,
development of alternate forms of liner
systems was initiated in Canada which is now
undergoing significant international growth in
countries which sustain major mining activity.
Now internationally designated as thin,
spray-on liner systems, a wide spectrum of
liner materials, ranging from liquid/liquid to
liquid/solid component combinations, has
become commercially available. This
innovative family of products is
characteristically identified as being rapidly
deployable, capable of creating ultra-fast
setting coverage over rock surfaces, and able
to develop tenacious adhesion and pull
strength capacities for resisting rock falls and
movements. This paper presents a summary
of current liner developments and use in
principal mining districts world wide.
Additionally, a database of material properties
for principal product types used in mining and
a review of common quality control testing
procedures under development are provided.
Such information is based upon recent
Canadian and international efforts being taken
to assess and develop user standards for the
implementation of thin, spray on liners as rock
support in mines. This work is intended to
continue for a period of years, with the
eventual goal being to establish support and
installation guidelines for mines based on
quantifiable laboratory and field research.
Keywords: Liners, recent, advances, Database, Standards, Quality control, thin, spray-on
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