Monitoring the biophysical environment at the Troilus Mine

Symposium Rouyn-Noranda 2002
Abstract The new regulations presently being enacted will require mining companies to monitor the effect of their effluents on the environment. Troilus Mine has been operating since 1996 and it is located on territory under the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement. Due to this fact, an impact assessment of the project has been presented and recommendations for operating the mine have been emitted. One recommendation concerned monitoring the effects of mining on the environment through fish sampling and monitoring of surface water. Troilus includes sampling and analysis of the benthic fauna in its monitoring. In this presentation, we will describe the fieldwork carried out to identify which lakes to sample and the logistics surrounding data acquisition. The main objective is to demystify the work, which may seem complicated to those who are not familiar with it. We will also give an overview of the information derived from the results.
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