Modelling Review of AMD Generation in Waste Rock Piles

Symposium Rouyn-Noranda 2002
Frédéric Jacques,
Abstract Mine waste rock containing sulphides can cause acid mine drainage. Several important combined physical and chemical processes occur in the coarse and partially saturated material. Oxidation of the sulphides, catalyzed by bacterial activity, consumes oxygen and produces heat. These processes partly control the oxygen supply through diffusion and thermal convection at the oxidation sites. To quantify these processes, one must use digital modelling. The present article reviews the currently available digital modelling possibilities to represent AMD production in tailings. The characterization data required and the acquisition of the properties by the system are also discussed. Finally, application examples of simulation at various sites and in diverse contexts are used to describe the behavioural range of these systems. The need to develop simulation capacities is also stressed.
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