Twin Mining’s Diamond Discoveries in Canada’s Arctic

CIM MineSpace 2001
Abstract Twin Mining made a conscious decision when it changed from gold mine explorer and developer to become a diamond explorer in Canada’s Arctic. It was a decision of survival in an environment that saw junior gold companies either disappear or turn into dot com companies. Twin Mining learned fast and staked within weeks of that decision the first 50 sq. km of claims on its TORNGAT property at 59½o latitude on the east coast of the Ungava Bay in northern Quebec. This land position, 717 diamonds later (including 322 macro diamonds of gem quality, white and transparent), grew to 507 sq. km today.

The 74o latitude called when Twin Mining exercised the option to acquire 3 claims owned by Helix Resources Inc. which revealed exceptional diamond potential. A gem quality 5.4 mm (0.768 carat white and transparent) diamond and the discovery of 16 pipes on 15.2 ha convinced Twin Mining’s board to sanction the deal.

Both properties have outstanding features. Kimberlite Dykes and Pipes are in outcrop. The property locations have deep sea access near existing infrastructure. Their locations are in an environment which is stable and development friendly and has a positive track record with successfully operating mines near by.
Keywords: Diamonds, Kimberlite, Artic Canada
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