The POP Project

CIM MineSpace 2001
Luc Tardif, Ahmed Bouajila, Michel Bourassa,
Abstract The POP Project
(Process Optimization Project)

Development and Transfer of Modern Optimization & Control
Tools and Methods for Mineralurgical and Metallurgical Processes

S. Caron, L. Tardif, A. Bouajila and M. Bourassa*

COREM, 1180 Place Dufresne, Quebec City (Quebec) Canada, G1N 1X7
* SOUTEX Inc., 3560 Lacoste, Quebec City (Quebec) Canada, G2E 4P8

For many years, COREM (formerly the Centre de Recherche Minérale) has conducted and co-ordinated Research and Development activities for the mineralurgical and metallurgical industries. In particuliar, the COREM’s “In-Situ Optimization Group” is involved in projects to implement modern optimization and control tools.

The POP project was launched in order to increase and consolidate the use of modern optimization and control tools and methods in the mineralurgical and metallurgical industries. The main objective is to improve the collaboration between the industry, research and development centres, and universities, thereby facilitating the transfer of technology. The POP project is based on three main components:

- knowledge acquisition through R&D projects in universities and education of new engineers;

- knowledge application through transfer, integration, technical support and applications in COREM’s members plants;

- continuing education through workshops and specific information exchange tools.

This paper outlines the opportunities that led to the definition of the POP project, describes its main components and presents the principal features of the POP software through its major modules. A few examples of applications are discussed and, finally, future developments and applications are presented.

Keywords: Optimization, tools, transfer, Control, methods
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