Small scale mining using the Modular Gold Processing Unit at the Granada Mine, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

CIM MineSpace 2001
Pierre Trudel, Éliane Cabot,
Abstract A prototype of the Modular Gold Processing Unit (MGPU), developed by RSW-Béroma, has been installed and operated, over a 6 months period, at the Granada Mine site in order to characterize small scale mining operations. The main objectives of the project were to:

Ø Promote the MGPU concept through a demonstration plant;
Ø Experiment the down sizing of a conventional plant;
Ø Define the milling, cash and total costs of such an operation.

This MGPU has a capacity of 175 tpd and uses the direct cyanidation process. As a small scale mining operation, the Granada mine was submitted to the same requirements as a conventional mining project:

Ø Environmental audit;
Ø Feasibility study;
Ø Fund raising.

The MGPU characteristics, preparatory work, geological context as well as mining and production results are described based upon the experience of the Granada small scale mining project. Also, cost extrapolations are presented for 100 and 300 tpd plants. Finally, Granada small scale mining profitability is compared to medium and large scale operations.
Keywords: Mining equipment, Gold, Mineral Processing, Modular plant, Small scale mining
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