Process control versus quality control: the differences in sensor use specifications.

CIM MineSpace 2001
Ahmed Bouajila, Louis Barrette, Jacques-André Boivin,
Abstract To stay competitive in an open market, minerals industry have to optimize their process – lower their production costs and improve the commercial value of their product. Up to a recent past, they were impaired in this attempt by a lack of adequate devices allowing reliable on-line and real-time process monitoring (detection or measurement). Process monitoring for process control and product characterisation for quality control are quite different tasks. Planners and researchers should be fully aware of this when evaluating or developing monitoring equipment for on-line process control. This paper will comment on these differences in sensor specifications related to sampling, measurement (accuracy, sensitivity, delay and correlation to the process) and suitability to the exploitation environment. Examples of R&D projects promoted by COREM for various industrial applications will be presented.

Keywords: sensor design, Process control, product characterisation, Quality control, process monitoring, on-line measurement, detection, mineral industry
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