Peru Minerals and Metals Public Sector Assistance Project

CIM MineSpace 2001
Abstract The objective of the CIDA program is to facilitate the efforts of the people of developing countries to achieve self-sustainable economic and social development in accordance with their needs and environment. The British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines (BCMEM) is the executing agency for the 4-year, $4.2 million dollar Peru Minerals and Metals Public Sector Assistance Project which began in December 1998. The primary beneficiary is the Ministerio de Energía y Minas del Perú (PMEM). The three main long term project objectives of the project are: safer working conditions of mine employees; lower fatality and accident rates; and higher family/community welfare; improved soil, air and water quality, reduced erosion and higher land productivity on former mines sites; and increases in national income, regional development and improved social conditions/reduced poverty. Project activities include joint development of: an inspection system; a mine rescue system, an enhanced and e-Commerce capable mineral information website, and environmental guidelines. In addition, reports on management options for mineral concentrate transportation, storage and handling, and on mine reclamation security policy and were delivered at workshops.
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