Outlook for Canadian mining Over the Next Twenty-five years

CIM MineSpace 2001
Abstract This paper examines the history of Canadian non-petroleum mineral production, for the mining industry in Canada as a whole and for each of the more important mineral commodities produced. The outlook over the next 25 years, for mining in Canada, and for mining in each province and territory, is reviewed. The outlook for mining in Canada and for most provinces/territories is favourable, but problems seem likely in a few jurisdictions unless new orebodies are brought into production.

In terms of exploration potential, Canada consistently ranks among the top three countries in the world because of its vast hinterland. Over the last eight years, Canada has consistently been second only to Australia as a destination for exploration investment.

For the first time, Canada is ranked in terms of total mineral production, including coal and construction materials, relative to all the countries of the world including the former communist bloc.
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