Helicopter Operations and The Canadian Mineral Exploration Industry

CIM MineSpace 2001
Abstract For several generations of geologists and prospectors, helicopters have been valuable tools in the mineral exploration business. Providing transportation to and from otherwise inaccessible areas, re-supplying ongoing exploration operations as well as specialty applications such as diamond drill moves; all combine to make the helicopter and mineral exploration a natural mix. But helicopters have long been held as man’s equivalent to the bumble bee, perfectly capable of flight but no one is exactly sure why.

In this presentation we will begin by exploring some of the basic principals of flight of the helicopter in an effort to de-mystify this versatile aircraft and discuss some of the physical and financial challenges the helicopter industry faces today. We will also discuss some of the specific risks associated with mineral exploration operations, such as mountainous terrain and isolated areas, and how best to deal with these risks through sound safety management.
Keywords: Helicopter, Exploration
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