Ekati <sub>tm</sub> Diamond Mine - Canada's First

CIM MineSpace 2001
Abstract Ekati Diamond Mine is located 300 km northwest of Yellowknife and 200 km south of the Arctic Circle in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The site is a remote tundra area – continuous permafrost and north of the tree line.

Ekati Diamond Mine is the first diamond mine in Canada and is operated by BHP Diamonds Inc., which is a part of BHP Minerals. BHP Diamonds Inc. is an incorporated company based in Vancouver, BC. The mine is a joint venture of BHP Diamonds Inc. (51 %), Dia Met Minerals Ltd. (29 %), Charles E Fipke (10 %) and Dr. Stewart L. Blusson (10 %). The mining area lies within the 10,960 ha land leases held by the joint venture. The total claim block covers 344,000 ha. To date over 136 kimberlite structures have been identified within the claim. Five of these provide the basis for the present mine plan with three others identified for future inclusion. At full capacity the mine will produce 4.5 million carats per year, approximately 4 % of world production and employ approximately 600 people, with over 33% being Aboriginal from the Northwest Territories.
Keywords: Diamonds, Remote, Mining
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