Comparison of Reinforcement Benefits of Spray-on Linings in Side-by-Side Unconfined Compression Failure Tests on Rock

CIM MineSpace 2001
James Frederick Archibald, Tyler Nicholls,
Abstract Testing has been accomplished to further
substantiate recent laboratory trials which
demonstrate that thin liner membranes,
applied to rock core samples, can significantly
enhance the structural performance of such
rock materials. A range of Canadian liner
materials (Mineguard, Rockguard and
RockWeb) have been tested side-by-side to
evaluate strength and other physical property
improvements generated for two highly
homogeneous, but different, granodioritic rock
materials. Tests were conducted on
physically similar core materials, utilizing 70 to
100 samples of each respective rock type. For
these rock sample populations, cores were
coated using linings at thicknesses varying
between 2 and 7 mm, typical of the application
range currently used underground. Results of
unconfined rock failure tests, following
application of passive lining covers upon the
very large sample populations of each rock
type, have indicated that noticeable strength
improvement and enhancement of post-yield
failure characteristics can be developed by the
entire range of spray-on liner materials
evaluated. It is indicated that all of the tested
liner agent materials currently available can
and do act to positively reinforce rock support
capabilities of modeled core pillars. Where
such materials can be effectively placed
underground, it is anticipated that they may be
used in partial replacement for either screen
or shotcrete to provide advantageous area
support for rock.
Keywords: Linings, Pillars, enhancement, energy storage, spray-on, rock coating, Support
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