BsnMod: A Windows program for simulating basin-scale fluid flow and heat transfer processes related to sediment compaction and tectonic uplifting

CIM MineSpace 2001
Abstract Sediment compaction and tectonic uplifting are common driving forces for basinal fluid flow during the early (sedimentation) and late history of a sedimentary basin, respectively. Compaction is also one of the major factors controlling the development of overpressures. Both processes are accompanied by heat transfer. Fluid flow and heat transfer are described by the fluid continuity and heat conservation equations. The moving and deformation of the medium during sedimentation is described by the compaction equation. Numerical solution of these equations simulates the evolution of porosity, permeability, fluid overpressure, flow rate, and temperature. A finite difference method, using an approximate curvilinear coordinate system, was described by Bethke (1985), and used by Chi and Savard (1998) with a modified numerical scheme. The same numerical scheme is used in BsnMod, but C++ in stead of FORTRAN is used as the programming language. The program has a user interface allowing input on model selection (compaction or gravity), basin and grid configuration, medium properties, and boundary conditions. The output can be both graphics and spreadsheets. The graphics consist of grid, fluid flow vectors, isotherms, and isobars, and can be copied to and edited by other programs such as CorelDraw.
Keywords: sediment compaction, basinal fluid flow, computer program, overpressure, Numerical modelling
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