Backfill Optimization and in-house Shotcrete Production at the Cluff Lake Mine

CIM MineSpace 2001
Abstract During 1998 COGEMA Resources Inc. announced that operations at the Cluff Lake mine will be suspended indefinitely by the end of year 2000 as a result of deteriorating uranium market conditions. To remain profitable, Cluff Lake mine started an aggressive cost reduction program. A cost reduction team was formed to look for ways to lower production costs. The focus of this team is to screen all areas and to come up with ideas to improve the economy of the mine and ensure the viability of the operations over the remaining three years of operations.
Among the areas where significant savings were achieved are: (1) replacement of a portion of cement with fly ash in backfill; (2) backfill optimization; and (3) new shotcrete plant installation on site for bulk in-house shotcrete production.
This paper details the research work carried out by Cluff Lake mine and application results on these projects.
Keywords: Backfill, Shotcrete, Fly ash
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