Narrow Vein Mining with PCF®

Symposium on Vein Deposits
Mick Gavrilovic, Colin Paterson,
Abstract PCF®, or Penetrating Cone Fracture, is a propellant-based technique for rock excavation, which has significant potential for the mechanization of narrow-vein mining. The technique is currently being developed in the narrow-vein flat-dipping gold and platinum deposits in South Africa in conjunction with major mining companies. The technique is also applicable to steeply dipping vein deposits, such as those found in North America, Australia and elsewhere. The implementation of PCF® in South Africa to date is reviewed and plans for the introduction of PCF® excavation in other areas is highlighted.
Keywords: Penetrating Cone Fracture, Mechanization, tabular, Robotics, narrow-vein, propellant, breaking, Automation
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