Alimak Mining at The David Bell Mine

Symposium on Vein Deposits
Abstract The Alimak mining method was introduced at the David Bell Mine in 1998 to extract an otherwise uneconomic and inaccessible reserve. The success associated with the extraction of these reserves lead to an expansion of the method to include a reserve of almost 200,000 tonnes. To date results have been extremely positive in terms of grade control, reduced dilution, stope recoveries, productivities and mining costs. As a direct result Alimak mining is now an integral part of the current mining plan for present and future reserves. It is hoped that through further development of the method at David Bell Mine we will continue to see positive results in these areas and be able to increase mineable reserves to include proven resources that do not currently meet the criteria of our current stoping plan.

Keywords: Alimak mining, Grade control, reduced dilution
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