Operating experience and developments of G-REX and AURIX100 resin exchange technology

CIM Journal Preprint 2017

P. Richards, A. Lewis-Gray, and N. Katsikaros
Gekko Systems Pty Ltd
Ballarat, Australia
(*Corresponding Author: peterr@gekkos.com)

M. Davies
Castlemaine Goldfields
Mt Clear, Australia

Abstract To optimize the recovery of gold in complex leach-to-electrowinning processes, Gekko Systems developed the Gekko Resin Exchange Column (G-REX) as an intermediate step, using a highly gold-selective resin to isolate contaminant metals. The AuRIX®100 resin produced by Purolite is licensed exclusively to Gekko, with the G-REX column designed specifically for this resin. Operational experience has been gained at the CGT Ballarat Gold Plant in near continuous operation since 2008, treating unclarified concentrate leach solution. The extension of the technology to higher throughputs and more complex chemistry is discussed.
Keywords: Absorption, AuRIX, Carbon, Column, Concentrate, Flotation, Gold, Gravity, Inline leach reactor (ILR), Resin, Stripping
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