Operating experience and developments of G-REX and AuRIX®100 resin exchange technology

CIM Journal, Vol. 8, No. 1, 2017

P. Richards, A. Lewis-Gray, and N. Katsikaros
Gekko Systems Pty Ltd., Ballarat, Australia

M. Davies
Castlemaine Goldfields, Mount Clear, Australia

Abstract To optimize gold recovery in complex leach-to-electrowinning processes, Gekko Systems developed the Gekko resin exchange column (G-REX) as an intermediate step, using a highly gold-selective resin to isolate contaminant metals. The AuRIX®100 resin produced by Purolite is licensed exclusively to Gekko, with the G-REX column designed specifically for this resin. Operational experience has been gained at the Castlemaine Goldfields Ballarat gold mine. In near-continuous operation since 2008, the Ballarat plant treats unclarified concentrate leach solution. The extension of this technology to higher throughputs and more complex chemistry is discussed.
Keywords: Absorption, AuRIX®, Carbon, Column, Concentrate, Flotation, Gold, Gravity, InLine leach reactor (ILR), Resin, Stripping
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