Processing history at Vale Canada’s (Inco’s) iron ore recovery plant

CIM Journal, Vol. 4, No. 4, 2013
B. R. Conard
BRConard Consulting, Inc, Oakville, ON
Abstract An iron ore recovery plant was operated by Inco from 1955 to
1980 near Sudbury, Ontario. As exposures to specific nickel substances have been
associated with adverse respiratory endpoints, it is important to understand
processes giving rise to such substances. 
This manuscript discusses the process and equipment, the propensity for
aerosol formation, and operational procedures used by Inco in roasting a
pyrrhotite concentrate, reducing the nickel in the formed oxide, leaching the
nickel in ammoniacal solution, purifying the resulting solution, making green or
black NiO, and producing iron oxide pellets.  Industrial hygiene measurements are also reported.
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