Modeling oil sand surface response below an in-pit plant in the Canadian oil sands

CIM Journal, Vol. 4, No. 2, 2013
T. G. Joseph Alberta Equipment–Ground Interactions Syndicate (AEGIS), University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB N. Shi JPi, Edmonton, AB

any large plant is moved onto an oil sands dominated surface, particularly those
surfaces encountered in-pit, it is imperative that the ground be evaluated for
bearing capacity.  A 2230 tonne
mobile in-pit hopper/crusher facility designed for operation in the Canadian oil
sands was modeled.  This evaluation
focused on track and outrigger pad versus ground interactions as the key
performance indicators of appropriate ground performance below the unit in both
operating and repositioning propel modes. 
A study of cyclic oil sand behaviour was also inferred from laboratory
cyclic plate load data as an extension of the simulation model
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