The future of environmental regulation: Saskatchewan’s move to results-based regulation

CIM Journal, Vol. 3, No. 2, 2012
M. B. Wittrup and K. M. Murphy
Abstract The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment recognizes the importance of environmental protection as an important contributor to Saskatchewan’s economy, with the environmental performance of industry closely monitored. Unfortunately, environmental regulation is often accompanied by significant process that does not always add value to environmental protection activities. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment has embarked on a visionary restructuring of its regulatory framework from conventional command and control regulation to a results-based regulatory framework. This new regulatory framework will provide for establishing clear environmental protection and resource management objectives; streamlining the environmental acts and regulations; developing an environmental code of practice; relying on qualified persons; enhancing compliance and enforcement tools; eliminating of many permits; and developing greater certainty in environmental assessment decisions. Results-based regulation promises to deliver enhanced environmental protection with less process. The uranium industry in Saskatchewan will be used as an example of the potential effects of results-based regulation.
Keywords: Results-based regulation, Environmental code, Qualified persons, Uranium
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