Using passive seismic to evaluate surface equipment braking performance

CIM Journal, Vol. 3, No. 3, 2012
T. G. Joseph Alberta Equipment – Ground Interactions Syndicate, Edmonton, AB M. J. Bolster Worley Parsons (CoSyn) Consultants, Edmonton, AB
This paper explores passive seismic measurement as an alternative,
nonintrusive approach to conducting annual brake testing on surface mine sites.
Dictated by the test site location, this evaluation adhered to the brake testing
procedure as per British Columbia occupational health and safety regulations.
Results showed excellent correlation to those reported via conventional
practice: Comparing stopping distance, time, and velocity for the proposed
instantaneous passive seismic versus conventional approaches, less than a 0.5%
variance was evident. A viable alternative, the passive seismic approach,
allowed an entire fleet of trucks to be sequentially evaluated for annual brake
testing without disrupting operations by installing mechanical testing
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