Uranium peroxide precipitate drying temperature relationships

CIM Journal, Vol. 3, No. 3, 2012
C. Rodgers and B. Dyck Cameco Corporation, Saskatoon, SK
Cameco Corporation is
revitalizing its Key Lake Operation uranium mill in northern Saskatchewan. The
mill currently uses ammonia stripping in solvent extraction (SX) and ammonia
yellowcake precipitation. As part of the revitalization, the company considered
installing strong acid stripping in solvent extraction (used at its Rabbit Lake
Operation), which would lead to using hydrogen peroxide for uranium
precipitation. As part of the process evaluation, tests were carried out to
study how the drying temperature in indirect fired dryers would affect the
uranium peroxide yellowcake precipitate properties. This paper discusses the
test work results, including the relationships between drying temperature and
product reactivity with water, product colour, product grade, and energy input
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