Extraction of dimension stone as a co-product of civil engineering works: A case study

CIM Journal, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2011
M. Cardu, E. Lovera
Abstract The current study analyzes the feasibility of an odd operation: to obtain, using a properly tailored drilling and blasting scheme, blocks suitable for the production of dimension stone from tunnel driving. Clearly, a compromise must be found between the rate of progression and the achievement of workable blocks. As a case study, a civil work under consideration in northern Italy was examined. The work was planned to cross a conglomerate that has traditionally been locally exploited for the production of highly prized paving and lining stones with excellent strength and aesthetic features. Natural exposures and mined-out quarries were available for tests. The relevant rock data are given, blast designs are shown (within the limitations of contour accuracy), and the test program is described.
Keywords: Drilling and blasting, Tunnelling, Dimension stone
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