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By Ryan Bergen

Ryan BergenWe may not be that deep into 2017, but already it seems this year will be a turning point. Here at the CIM National office staff are being added to strengthen the services we provide our membership as we prepare for the coming events this year and the next. While 2016 was a slow year for industry job postings on CIM.org, this year the site is off to a fast start with more offerings and no shortage of interested visitors. And out in the wider world, commodity prices have been perking up. These gains may be fleeting and the optimism premature, as was the argument a Cameco exec made to market analysts in January who were betting that the uranium producer had ended its slump. Those comments, while they succeeded in knocking the company’s surging share price down some, did not have the weight to keep it down. Optimism, by its nature, has a knack for shrugging off bad news.

As regular contributor Kate Sheridan reports in “On the rise,” her survey of recent commodity price forecasts, the prospects for copper, zinc and nickel are good. And so miners need to prepare their response. In his column “Missing the rush,” Lawrence Devon Smith agrees that an upcycle is imminent, but argues that mining companies who will do the best are those who do the least as investor enthusiasm for the mining sector returns. We are at the moment where his call for discipline, informed by a long career of project engineering and evaluation at some of the industry’s largest companies, is as relevant as it will be hard to follow.

I am happy to report that 2017 promises to be a good one for CIM Magazine as well. You may notice a few cosmetic changes to the design of our print edition, but the showpiece for this year will be the rollout of our new magazine website, which, beyond a smartphone-friendly design, reimagines how readers can access our latest content and the vast collection in our archives. Keep an eye out for that later this spring.

Ryan Bergen

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