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In Focus

Sensor based ore sorting - McEwen Mining innovation series

Sensor based ore sorting

A special presentation made possible by McEwen Mining

Technology: Shakers & screens


Eyes on the screen

New materials and monitoring technology are shaking out more uptime and better performance from vibrating screens


Missing the rush

A call for discipline as capital returns to the mining market

2017’s big policy developments will impact Canada’s mining competitiveness

There is a bright future ahead if the right policies are in place

Industrial Minerals

White Mountain camp

From white rocks to green products

Hudson Resources sees multiple uses for the unique deposit at its White Mountain project
Crystallization pond team photo

Old ponds, new tricks

Hatch research challenges conventional wisdom on crystallization ponds
Tesfaye Negeri (

Untangling REE research

Tesfaye Negeri of NRCan discusses rare earth research in Canada

Tools of the Trade

CIM Convention 2017

Mining Lore

Hawthorne’s Cobalt letters

Scheming brokers, including a famous author’s son, deceived many speculators during the Cobalt, Ontario silver rush


Ryan Bergen headshot

Editor's letter

Pep talk
Michael Winship

President's notes

Pay it back

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