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WATCH: The future of mining

A special presentation made in co-operation with McEwen Mining

Technology: Automation


The evolution of autonomy

Intent on mining the benefits of driverless vehicles, operators and tech suppliers are mapping multiple paths to the autonomous mine


Two years and change

Government and industry code changes mark two-year anniversary of Mount Polley, but public not ready to forgive

Mid-year review

Q2 results mark an incomplete recovery for metals

Miners score development goals

United Nations report highlights the roles mining companies play in sustainable development efforts

Open-pit mining

Motion-metrics-Pinto Valley

A solution with vision

Handheld fragmentation analysis improves throughput at Pinto Valley

High-pressure grinding on a whole new level

The design details behind Metso’s installation of the world’s largest HPGR at Freeport’s Morenci mine

Simulated deposits, real profits

Stochastic mine planning trial at Newmont’s Twin Creeks mine shows value generation potential

Can you dig it?

UBC PhD candidate develops diggability assessment index

Mining Lore

Dipping into the silver stream

Thanks to high grades and loose enforcement ore theft was a booming industry in Cobalt

Tools of the Trade

The best in new technology


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Editor's letter

Gravitational forces
Michael Winship

President's notes

Eating our young

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